Company Profile


Jensen Estate Agents is a bespoke, independent agency, rooted in a desire to challenge traditional real estate norms and deliver results that delight our clients.

Unconstrained by boundaries, at Jensen Estate Agents we place an emphasis on the finer elements of the real estate journey – whether in the details or the dealings.

Our expert team embodies passion for every property, respect for every client, discipline in the process, and unmatched insight into the local market, to deliver an unparalleled experience to list, sell, lease, and manage your property.

Why Jensen Estate Agents?

✨ Local Expertise: Our team’s in-depth knowledge of the Hills District and surrounding suburbs ensures you are working with a local market expert. Be it accurate real-time property valuations, the best local tradespeople, or an exhaustive database of motivated buyers, we are the authority when it comes to market positioning that is targeted, localised, and relevant.

🤝 Boutique Client-Centric Approach: We adopt a bespoke approach to real estate, working with a relatively small number of clients at any point in time. Your satisfaction is our priority, and as such we actively listen and offer a white-glove concierge service that is attuned to your unique needs.

💼 Professional Integrity and Humility: Ethical practice, transparency, and attention to detail define our approach. It is important to our team that we instil confidence in our clients that we do, what we say we will do – with humility, respect, and integrity.

😈 Devil in the Details: Every property under our representation undergoes meticulous styling, photography, and a tailored approach to marketing that maximises the value of your most valuable asset.

💻 Optimised Marketing: Whatever your budget, your property will be showcased to capture the buyer that resonates with your home through a clever and impactful digital and physical marketing footprint, regardless of your chosen social media, physical media, or online strategy.

📖 Story of your Home: Every home has a story to be told. We understand that your home houses a lifetime of memories, and that words matter. Our team are storytellers. Wordsmiths. We will give your home the attention it deserves to capture and shape the story that will have people emotionally connect with your home and be compelled to own it.